Monday, March 24

blossom spring

My doll collection is slowly, but surely, growing!  My mother showed me photos of the newest dolls from Mystic Kids and I immediately fell in love with them.  I think they usually make more human dolls but this time, apparently, they went out their comfort zone and made these extremely cute bunnies!

You could choose between ordering Pinky or Snowy.  The difference is in the skin color (Pinky has slithly pinker skin), the blush, the little symbols on their cheeks and the eyes.  I chose Pinky and my mother got Snowy.  

The dolls are packaged in a lovely fabric bag you can string shut.  The eyes arrive in a separate plastic bag with some putty.  We had a few issues with ordering eyes though, we ordered blue eyes for Snowy but we received two pairs of pink eyes instead of one of each.  We did get a replacement right after we messaged MK.  I don't think we have any other issues with them, the dolls are amazing.  It's a bit difficult to open them up and attach the eyes but we maanged!

I'm absolutely in love with both of them and I'm so happy with Pinky.  They actually arrived a few months ago but I didn't find the time to photograph them until now.  And oh my, they are so fun to shoot!  Great start of the Spring.  

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