bucket list

✓  Open my Etsy shop.
✓  See any of Bernini's sculptures in real life.
✓  See Nick Cave perform live.
✓  See will.i.am perform live.
•  Set foot on all seven continents. (2/7)
•  Speak Chinese fluently. (in progress)
•  Study (Egyptian) archaeology.
•  Study more art history, preferably about the Impressionism era.
•  Touch an elephant.
•  Visit Disneyland with someone else than my mother.
•  Visit all Disney parks.
✓  Finally visit the Louvre.
✓  See any of Van Gogh's paintings in real life.
•  Complete my Disney Classics collection.
•  Complete my Disney's Past, Present, Forever cross stitch.
✓  See Beyoncé live.
•  See Lady Gaga live. (September!)


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